Monday, August 31, 2009

destination california: part two

stop 2:
cheyenne, wyoming
days inn

its been a. long. day.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

destination california: part one

from kansas city to california in 6 days.

stop 1:
omaha, NE

to visit noel, kara, grandma, dad, and tay

my grandma is so sassy and stylish.

the boy got to explore papa's garden on his shoulders.

and the girl kept us all entertained with her drama.

thanks kara for taking these amazing pictures.
you rock my world.
in more ways than one:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


yesterday as i was giving the movers the rundown of all my crap, the head boss asked:
"is there anything really special to you that we need to take extra care with?"

i thought about this for a good minute before i replied.
"no, they are just things."

he walked away satisfied with my answer, but i walked away more than satisfied.
i was proud of me.
i tend to focus too much on my physical environment. i'm a visual person and i like beauty to be all around me. this reflects inward and affects my mood sometimes.
of course i will always want to make my home a beautiful place for my family,
but when it boils down to it, there was not one piece of furniture that i couldn't live without.
i couldn't, however, live without these two precious little souls:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

moving day

it's official.
i am now a moving snob. 
i will never pack my own belongings again.
the navy sent packers today and i did minimal packing.
i did however have to entertain two grumpy kids.

the boy did this:
and the girl did this:

and in the evening i got these:

think i'm loving them.

i'm also loving this boy.

tomorrow the loaders come.
wish me luck and happy thursday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

straight out of the mouth of my boy

as we were sitting in church yesterday, i noticed the boy 
rubbing a bug bite behind his neck. he was doing 
this for quite a while before he 
turned around and asked with a complete serious face,
"mommy, is this my back nipple?"

no joke.
i almost peed my pants during sacrament.
how reverent would that have been?

i pulled this picture out yesterday when the boy was looking over my shoulder. i explained that it was him as a newborn. after studying the picture a while longer he jumps with a pointed finger and yells,
"look mommy, i'm in a sandbox!"

so if that isn't funny enough; today he saw the picture again and with another pointed finger says, "look mommy, i have another penis" as he points to his umbilical cord. next comes, "and there's another one" as he points to the machine laying next to him!

that's a grand total of three penis' folks.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

for dinner

polka dotted pizza

shredded cheddar cheese with fresh mozzarella balls.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

in limbo

i miss this man so much it hurts.

it's been three months since our family has been together and the weeks just keep going by. we are waiting for military processes to fall into place. you know, housing, movers, etc... we will be reunited pretty soon here; looks like sometime in the next two weeks is when the movers will come to pack away our lives
here to start a new one there. 

the excitement of being together again is overwhelming. i'm feeling the same giddiness as those weeks before our wedding. it's only 
been four years, but man, don't we look so much younger then? 
he is so handsome! especially with that yummy curly hair 
that he no longer has:(

so while i am in limbo, my blogging might start to dwindle off here and there as i prepare to move halfway across the country. but i do have many fun posts and surprises coming up including:

more wedding pictures
(because i just went through them)

7 siblings in 7 days

quilting progress

a whole new "name and look" for this itty bitty blog of mine
more headbands and into the etsy shop

a guest giveaway

now pardon me while i lay my head down to dream about my honey on the beach with long hair...


Friday, August 21, 2009

more magic for my taste buds

how to make fresh pesto sauce:

*steal fresh basil leaves by the bag full 
from your brother's garden and get your nephews to help.

* wash and dry leaves.
*add other necessary ingredients.
*double the garlic from the recipe because you 
can never have too much.

* puree the ingredients in a really messy kitchen, while 
you are also baking cookies.

* "taste test" by the spoonful.
*store in baggies that you can put in the freezer.
(i put about 1/3 cup in each baggie so i can pull it out of the freezer for homemade pizza sauce.)

*enjoy the smell, the color, and the taste!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

one of those nights

the kids ate leftover pasta while i made me some guacamole.

avocados work magic on my taste buds.

this is all i ate for dinner.
i stuffed myself full of it.

then came dessert.
strawberries slathered in nutella.
food O. 
we ate it on the kitchen floor.

just me and my two babies.

it was a delightful dinner.

the rest...

...of the weekend included more festivities for our company and momma's birthday.

taylor spent 4 hours in the kitchen making lasagna 
and garlic bread (that looked like a wooden dutch clog.)

creme brulee was made by yours truly per request of the birthday girl.

ice cream was had.

warriors took over the living room.

monkeys were tickled.

scavengers ate parmesan cheese off the floor.

SOMEONE finally started her own blog :)

and nana enjoyed every second with her 
rambunctious grand kids.

the end.

Friday, August 14, 2009

and the weekend isn't over yet...

thursday brought molly and the boys.

kavi and jayden meet.
kavi follows jayden's every move.

the afternoon was spent at a local farmstead in the heat.
we had a grand ole time.


friday brought in momma's 59th year.
it also brought taylor to town.

reade was dreamy as always,

and uncle taylor was the hero of the night.

let's see what saturday and sunday bring...