Sunday, August 30, 2009

destination california: part one

from kansas city to california in 6 days.

stop 1:
omaha, NE

to visit noel, kara, grandma, dad, and tay

my grandma is so sassy and stylish.

the boy got to explore papa's garden on his shoulders.

and the girl kept us all entertained with her drama.

thanks kara for taking these amazing pictures.
you rock my world.
in more ways than one:)


Ben Boyle said...

What great photos! If you don't mind me saying so, there's one particular woman in that first photo who I think is mega hot!

Good luck and drive safely Shay! We'll be praying for your quick arrival to your new home.

Kelly said...

Such cute photos! Well done, Kara!

PS. nice shirt Shay Shay! :)

Annette said...

Seriously - the black and white with the green pop - holy cow Kara!