Sunday, May 31, 2009

DC trip-prepare for picture overload

washington dc temple.
for mark.
my birthday.


more sightseeing.
highlight:  top of the washington monument.
more family.
learn that washington DC is not in the state of virginia, but in it's own district- of columbia?!!!!
realize the public school system has failed me.
feel stupid in front of my brothers.

arlington national cemetery.
early in the morning before the crowd.
see mark's headstone.
cry a little.
still laugh.

learn more about these amazing men.
hear more stories of mark.
be amazed.

fly home a better person.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

letters to boot camp

my love,
i miss you. 
the boy misses you.
the girl misses you.
i am on your laptop on the couch in your family's house. 
the boy is watching madagascar II and the girl is sleeping soundly upstairs. all is well; even with the longing of 
you to be here.

the boy asked me a while ago if we could call you. i explained that we couldn't. he then nonchalantly asked to call aunt jennifer instead?!?

do you remember my 4 goals for the summer for the kiddos?
well we checked one off today and you would be so proud.
kavi can swim!!!!!!
well, with a life jacket. he started out not wanting to get in the pool. then, it was just on the steps. then, i held him with two hands, down to only one. as soon as i eventually let go and he made it to the edge by himself, there was no stopping that boy. he swam back and forth for the next 30 min, stopping to clap and yell "i did it" at each wall.
i got a little teary-eyed thinking how proud you'd be. i love sharing that pride with you: seeing our beautiful children accomplish something. i wish you were there.

speaking of pride; we are all so proud of you. keep up the tough guy stuff, but save some tenderness for me please. 

i love you.

your wifey

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday wish #4- hear the words "happy birthday" from my boy over the phone.


Birthday wish #3- go to the temple with my family.


Birthday wish #2- eat good food.
Lunch- pad Thai with sweet mango rice
Dinner- Mediterranean (to die for) pizza


Birthday wish #1- watch my family laugh.


Picture to soon follow

Thursday, May 21, 2009

thee agenda

can you even tell where i'm going from this
itty bitty picture?

i'm off to our country's capital, the great washington dc.
there are a slew of events occurring over the next couple days
and i'm not quite sure if i'm ready.

the agenda is as follows:

fri: *fly to dc with jen and listen to dr. laura on my iphone
while reading trash magazines
*also-say goodbye to the mr. for 2 months (more on that later)
*meet my family at the same marriott we stayed at for mark's funeral

sat: *wake up bright and early to go to the DC temple with my mom, sisters, and trevor.
*sight see and eat as much as i can for the rest of the day.

sun: *sight see some more and eat some more-all in
the name of family.
*dad, taylor, and brandon join us.

mon: *memorial day will be spent at arlington cemetery
visiting mark's grave and with all of his friends.
*maybe run into the president at arlington :) or :( ? you tell me.
*drive down to norfolk VA to the SEAL base.
*my life changes forever-david leaves austin for boot camp

*meet for what will be a beautiful memorial for my
brother and his fallen SEAL brothers.
*enjoy his friends and my family
*fly home to my children who will be fatherless, but with their grandparents.

WOW. right? my emotions are already flowing in all directions. so much family, memories, patriotism, and love in one weekend. the biggest event is obviously david leaving. he'll do great, but will i? that's the real question? wish me luck with all these endeavours.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

pruett portraits 2008

our family

the grand kids

the boy
the girl

the whole family

although these were taken back in december, 
i just got them back and LOVE them.
don't i have dashing in-laws?
visit the fabulous photographer at .

Monday, May 18, 2009

mother's day- a week later

the women's 3 generations picture.

to my own mother:
you have made me who i am.
thank you for teaching me that i was smart and beautiful.
thank you for never complaining about your own body.
thank you for staying home to raise seven children.
thank you for staying strong in the gospel and having a 
          testimony of the plan of salvation.
thank you for cooking healthy food for our family.
thank you for making me do chores and not spoiling me.
thank you for sacrificing so much for your children.
thank you for loving me unconditionally.
and thank you for loving my children just the same.
i love you momma.

to my own children:
thank you for being the cutest things in the world and 
for letting me be your mother. i hope i do as good of 
job as your grandmas did. 
i love you to no end.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

quilt virgin

i am no longer a quilt virgin!
my first quilt is finally complete and was a gift for
my newest niece on the way: isabelle.

this quilt was made with so much love.
it was hard and long to make so i was emotional when sheila opened it up and started to cry.

the fabric was picked especially for sheila and her 
fabulous taste, and i just made up the pattern.
i loved how it turned out and i love that it is for sheila's 
second baby girl (5th child).

i love you sheila and can't wait to meet isabelle!

birthday brit

happy birthday to my sassy sister in the law!

you are:

(that's a given)










and more gorgeous

Friday, May 15, 2009

the davids

david henry pruett (dave)
david henry pruett II (david)
david henry pruett III (kavi)

3 generations of wonderful men.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 semester down, 3 to go

i made it through my first semester 
of nursing school.
i honestly don't know how i did it with 2 kids and all my other responsibilities/demanding hobbies; 
but i did, and it feels so good! 

this is what the sweet husband brought 
home for me after my final final:

nothing says good job like candy and a flower.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

#1 and counting


happy 1st birthday to my beautiful daughter.

it has been one year paisley, since you were inside me like this. 
i have wanted a baby girl all my life and was afraid i would never get you.
but your father knew you would be a girl.
(he always sets me straight when i have doubt.)
from the moment i went into labor with you, i felt a special connection;
one between a mother and daughter that can't be explained.
you will always be my precious paisy bear.
although you are very serious, you are a happy baby. 
you love your mommy, daddy, and nana.
it doesn't take much to get you smile and giggle.
and those looks my girl;
you are the most gorgeous baby girl!
i know this is a fact since i hear it everywhere i go.
thank you for the first joyous year of your amazing life.
i am so grateful to our heavenly father for sending you to me.
you are mine and i am yours.