Thursday, September 25, 2008

it's a plane (& a birthday)

kavi loved the airplane ride. he looked out the window the whole time and kept pointing to the cars.
he eventually fell asleep as i was watching the sunset and listening to enya. it was a peaceful moment...

and then he awoke and threw up all over my lap. as i cleaned him up, he said in his raspy voice,"thank you mommy."

paisley sat with nanna.

cristian had a blast of a partay.
his request for the dinner menu:
spicy sausage
brandon's herb chicken
mashed potatoes
& chocolate milk

jennifer made stir fry with tofu for dinner last night.
loved it.

here are some more pictures of the clan for your enjoyment.

noel with her paisley-bear cora bella

perry princess time grape monsters

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


my main reason for a trip to austin:
this guy
cristian luke cruz is turning 8 and getting baptized!
cristian is my first born nephew, and therefore, holds a
special place in my heart.
i remember holding him and pretending he was mine.
he was a great baby, even cuter toddler, and now; a boy soon to be young man. i love this kid more than words can say.
you better still give your auntie some kisses when i get there!
can i get some kisses from mason too?
can't wait to pinch his hiney!

and i am off.
Mr. Pruett should pull up any second to chauffeur us to the airport.
wish me luck traveling with 2 children!

Monday, September 22, 2008

#2...getting close

another reason i can't wait for austin is to see my pruett family!
 i love my in-laws!

the mott family
this is david's sister sheila and her husband eric(a)

also introducing:

the FaBuLoUs:


 dad pruett (dave), jaclyn dawn, and momma pruett (kathy)
did i mention i love my in-laws?
i have the best father and mother in-laws in the world!

no, i really do!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

#3 and a boat ride

words cannot express how much i love these girls.
they are my best friends.
i miss noel and jen so much.
can't wait to see you guys on tuesday!

me and the sisters

brandon took us for a saturday evening boat ride.
we saw a bride taking pictures at the yacht club
and a couple of duck families.

brandon lets reade drive the pontoon.

paisley cracks us all up.

the dad  &  the brother: tay
they went on a camping trip last week.
looks like they had fun eh?

real men camp

Saturday, September 20, 2008

another party and # 4

another reason why i cannot wait for austin is...

these two cute girls:
cora & perry

do i need to say more?

the stewarts came over for pizza and cake last night

for the boy's birthday.

here are some photos of the night:

a paisley photo shoot:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

my birthday boy & # 5

i get to pick up my sewing machine.
i accidentally left her behind when we moved and i miss her so.
i'm craving a quilt project.
my first ever.

in mother news:
it's the boy's second birthday today.
if you ask him how old he is, he replies:
"i'm free" with 3 fingers up. 

no matter how many times i tell him he's 2, he still insists that he's 3.


we brought funfetti cupcakes to our ward playgroup. 
can you guess who enjoyed them the most?

readers did.

the boy also had a blast exploring new bugs in the garage

and "working out" with momma.

go kavers!
happy birthday my boy!