Monday, August 24, 2009

straight out of the mouth of my boy

as we were sitting in church yesterday, i noticed the boy 
rubbing a bug bite behind his neck. he was doing 
this for quite a while before he 
turned around and asked with a complete serious face,
"mommy, is this my back nipple?"

no joke.
i almost peed my pants during sacrament.
how reverent would that have been?

i pulled this picture out yesterday when the boy was looking over my shoulder. i explained that it was him as a newborn. after studying the picture a while longer he jumps with a pointed finger and yells,
"look mommy, i'm in a sandbox!"

so if that isn't funny enough; today he saw the picture again and with another pointed finger says, "look mommy, i have another penis" as he points to his umbilical cord. next comes, "and there's another one" as he points to the machine laying next to him!

that's a grand total of three penis' folks.


k. lee said...

We are all cracking up right now. Is this boy fo real? Loved this post!

Amanda and Steve said...


Anne said...

a boy can dream, right?

jensunzy said...

can you imagine if boys did have 3 penis'. their libido would be off the charts! i love the nipple scenerio. that kids is such a piss-ant. i adore him.