Friday, February 27, 2009

corners of a home-part 4

corners of a (utah) home

this is the home of thee

if you don't know her, that's unfortunate for you, because she's hilarious, gorgeous, kind, laid back and disgustingly creative. she is the mother of 2 spunky boys and has recently moved to utah while her husband is getting his MBA. somehow she manages to mother, sew, and bake often while keeping a meticulous, yet comfy abode.
(plus, she sometimes swears. and i love it!)

her sewing room is adorned with her 
own pillows and this adorable 
storage shelf that holds thread and buttons.

a sitting area in her living room
she's so shabby!

          the den bookshelf           wall arrangement


sy and soren's playroom where their 
art is proudly displayed

the top of anne's living room armoire holds classic boxes, hydrangeas, and her favorite piece of art- an angel made by a family friend.

          this side table holds anne's 
             favorite anthropologie           a wall in the kitchen
        lamp and a pink box from her mom

i house sat for anne a couple times and secretly coveted  every detail, so it's hard for me to choose my favorite corner.  i would say her sewing shelf because it's a mix of design and functionality.

what's your favorite corner?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

a valentine exchange

 red roses were sent to my mother on valentines day. the card read:

These flowers are sent to you on behalf of Mark. 
I hope that each time you 
see these flowers that you will reflect on a 
memory of Mark and feel his 
warmth and love for you. We all love you.

My thoughtful (and secretly sensitive) brother brandon sent 
them to her since mark (also thoughtful and secretly sensitive) 
used to send her flowers every valentines day.

they were beautiful 
and brought tears to my mother's eyes.

little did we know that mark was getting a valentine in return.
a mother of a warrior buried next to my brother
sent us this picture.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

a letter to springville

my dearest jaclyn dawn,

you are beautiful.
everyone knows it.
you also have some nice junk in your trunk.
everyone knows that too.

i miss living with you.
i miss hearing your treadmill go,
i miss watching you play with my children,
i miss sharing junk food with you,then complaining 
how "fat" we are,
but most of all, i miss your witty sarcasm.
i hope you haven't lost it in utah.(gag.)(j/k)(well, not really.)

 So,since i am your favorite sister (in the law) 
      and since i like to keep my promises,  
here is a recipe for you to enjoy.

it is delightfully healthy,
and as equally delicious.

Grilled Polenta & Balsamic Mushrooms

enjoy, and let me know when you are engaged
so i can start getting skinny
for a wedding.

yours truly,

Saturday, February 14, 2009

how romantic is this?

so what did we do this valentines day you ask?

donated plasma together.
just me and my hubby.

see our matching bandages?

we're soulmates.

to show his love for me, he searched high and low for
a thai restaurant and brought me some curry.

that's true love.

and so is this:

catching up

last week i:

got this room ready

for these two to come visit for a week

while which, we watched these boys
play and play and play.

mr. pruett and i drove to omaha where we were
spiritually uplifted here

and stayed here at my dad's home.

(he has fabulous decorating taste, by the way)

we enjoyed this fish tank and
these spring blooms.

the sister and i got lost here

while driving to this wedding.

(which involved swords and shields)

we ate off these dishes,

and finished off the weekend watching these boys play some more.

exhausting, but lovely.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

my little yogis

i had a couple followers the other day as i 
relaxed to a nice session of mid-morning yoga. 
they were great students to teach and a hoot to watch:

some downward dog action

don't know what this was?>@#!*

reverse warrior pose

and some more stretching.

*paisley even joined in*

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

more than the jitters

this is how nervous i am for my first clinical tomorrow:

i had a dream:

i'm in the hospital following my instructor. i am NOT allowed to bite my nails in the hospital because it is not sanitary. however i am so nervous, that when i look down, i realize instead of biting my nails, i have eaten half of my iPhone. literally, chewed it little by little, just like i would my nails.

i know, my psyche is loco.

pray for me.

*last week was just my clinical orientation. tomorrow is the real thing.*

Monday, February 9, 2009

happy is in the air

first off..

to my lovely friend elizabeth
(who reads my blog, but NEVER comments:))
she is a sweet, kind, sassy, well-balanced, intelligent, crazy woman with an adorable family. not to mention, she is an attentive mother and supportive wife as her hubby is off to the middle east soon.

enjoy your day BETH!

second off...

i have a fabulous giveaway link:


is hosting a baby shower and the giveaways are fantastic.

if you win, you can thank me later!

third off...

this is my 100th post!
oh happy, happy, happy!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

my favorite part of the day...

... is laying down to nap with this little lady.

this girl right here

gets to love on paisley noel


until we drift off to 

i don't think it gets better than this.
in fact, i know it doesn't.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

playing doctor

tomorrow, i start clinicals. i sewed my nursing patch onto my new lab coat and tried it on. as i sat on the couch, Kavi looked at me, jumped up, and exclaimed, "mommy, you a doctor!"
the words of my boy are so precious to me.
i never want to forget them.
i love these moments of being a mother.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the results are in

the books were open
the flash cards were made
the studying was done
the stress was built up
a prayer was said 
the tests were taken
the results are in...





first nursing quiz {A}
first nursing test {B}

i think i can live with these grades.

Monday, February 2, 2009

for you, etsy; and you, and you, and you

dear etsy,

here are my two latest creations.
take and sell please.

much love,
a poor starving student