Monday, October 12, 2009


dear my beloved readers:

i am switching blogs.
please click this button to view my new one.

i love you.

love shay

Saturday, October 10, 2009

another birthday boy

yesterday was mr. pruett's 27th birthday.
he had the day off but we couldn't decide what to do 
with no money.

(i miss his hair like this. a military downfall for sure)

so while we sat around thinking of a plan, i ended up starting a new quilt:) while the mister cleaned out the shed:) :) ahhh, it was like it was my birthday or something!

this new quilt is inspired by our guest/sewing room rug. when the room isn't such a mess, i'll take some better pictures. for now, it's letting my creative juices flow!

but we both did missed this girl all day:(

hopefully today we can get our cabooses up and go to 
the monterey aquarium!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


feeling pretty thrifty lately...
paisley's crib is also used as a place to store CRAP underneath.
since i'm getting rid of our old crib bedding i thought i'd throw together a crib skirt to cover all my "storage."

to avoid spending money, i used an old ikea sheet, an old floral nightgown purchased at a thrift store a while ago, and some discounted lace i've had lying around. 
2 days and some ghetto sewing later...

very simple and nothing special, but it does the job!

with another thrift store purchase, 
i made this dress for paisley.
all it is is a vintage pillow case and a cheap 
old navy tank top sewn together.
well, i did add a sash with some yellow scarp fabric i had. 
pretty cute aye? easy peasy.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


finally got around to some halloween decorating:

i'm craving some more spooky projects though so we'll 
see what i come up with.

sorry for the crappy iphone pics. can't find my camera card!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

nie nIE on oprAH

nie on oprah
         nie on oprah
            nie on oprah
                nie on oprah
                            nie on oprah

did you hear that nienie will be 
on oprah on wed?

i think i might get a babysitter for the kids for the 4 o'clock hour:)


Monday, October 5, 2009

am i really an adult?

i'm so glad i'm not in high school anymore...

but so glad that great friends came from it.

kelly, shay, amanda, matthew, kavi

aunt jackies' visit ended by driving her up to san fransisco.
so kelly drove up with us to meet amanda (visiting from idaho) 
and matt who lives in SF.
these really are by best friends from high school 
(minus a couple in southern cali)

the evening involved:
*walking by 184 homeless people
(this might sound weird, but i love big cities for that reason)
 & breathing in secondhand smoke by the pack
while walking to dinner.
*new york style pizza was taken back to matt's apartment
* adult conversation was had
* my kids ran around loving all the attention
(it's rare that they are the only kids in a room full of adults.)

i loved the evening.
later i couldn't help but think about all of our current lives:

kelly is teaching 2nd grade. a TEACHER!
amanda is in grad school for psychology/social work?!
matt is in freaking law school!!!
and i'm married with two kids!

this definitely qualifies us as adults. 

so my question is...

when did we grow up?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

lamp vamp

this $20 lamp (marked down from $100) was looking 
too drab from the couch today
as i watched a session of conference
for my church.
this is what happened during the next hour:

these roses were so easy to make. i used THIS tutorial.
although mine came out totally different and involved hot glue.

much better eye candy.


the mister and i have had a hard couple of days together. 
no real reason,but just sarcastic, sassy, and 
insensitive to each other. 

so like any woman would do (right?), i was sulking in bed last night when he came and scooped me up (literally) and plopped 
me on the couch. he then proceeded to:

*set a movie up for the kids on the laptop
*put a movie on for us.
his pick? pride and prejudice. yep, i married the right man. if for this reason only! but for many others as well.
*bring me cookie dough on a spoon (that he had just made)
*followed by a glass of milk
*tuck me in with a cozy blanket and pull the ottoman under my feet
*bring me a cookie fresh from the oven
*bring me my contacts case and solution so i could take them out and put on my glasses

and then cuddled me for the whole movie.

all this was done with no words between us.

sometimes, makeups don't have to be a long drawn out talk fest.
i liked this kind much better.
and of course i ate up every minute of my favorite movie while the mister enjoyed it too. (he knows my favorite parts:)
as the movie came to an end and my favorite part of all closed
i looked over to my mister darcy;
 mister pruett and said a quiet 
thank you.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

aunt jackie

an evening at the beach

was followed by clam chowder on the wharf.

all with aunt jackie who came to visit us from utah.
the kids loved having her here for a couple days!
thanks auntie!