Monday, March 30, 2009

for the aunties

noel & jennifer,

for your viewing pleasure:

i told you she has junk in her trunk.
i'm so grateful that my children have their dad's bum.
it sure didn't come from me!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

our week(end) in a nutshell

                                                                                           the park

                                  flowers                        church

                                                                                             pink swim suits
                            on cute girls.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 songs

each night, before we tuck our children under their covers, we read 2 stories and sing 3 songs.
each night we ask kavi which songs he wants to sing.
each night he responds..."twinkle star."
each night after that is sung, he can't think of any other ones.
tonight however, he responded: "love to see the temple. feel the spirit."

it was one of those moments as a mother, where emotions of 
gratitude, humility, satisfaction, and joy flood in.


i love to see the temple,
i'm going there some day.
to feel the holy spirit,
to listen and to pray.

for the temple is a house of god,
a place of love and beauty.
i'll prepare myself while i am young,
this is my sacred duty.

the san diego temple
my absolute favorite. 
i got to walk through as a young girl when it was just built.

the san antonio temple
this is where david and i were married and sealed.

this is a great video to learn more about why we, as mormons build temples

Sunday, March 22, 2009

a letter to russia

my dearest kelly ann,

i have a confession.
i did something really selfish the other day.
i was perusing the isles of our favorite store...TJ MAXX when i struck gold.
(going 6 times and not finding anything is worth this moment! 
you know exactly what i mean.)
i found a blue striped relay terry 3/4 sleeve JUICY hoodie.
you would LOVE it.
the price you ask?

originally: $148.00

TJ maxx price: $59.99

clearance price: $39.00

i quickly scanned for another one 
(even though your birthday isn't for another 4 months)
and there was only ONE!

here's the confession part:

i decided to keep it for myself.

will you forgive me?

i just couldn't help myself.
to make up for my selfishness, 
i promise you'll get a fabulous birthday gift!
cross my heart.

i knew you would understand.
you always do.

i also scored these crazy cute pj's for paisley.
only one pair of these too. 
can you imagine her cuteness chubs in these?
 i had to get them.

that was friday.

saturday included:
sleeping in,
breakfast in bed courtesy of david,
working in the garden as a family,
 (we prepared our garden beds in the back to plant our veggies next week!)
doing yoga with both my boys,
attempting to cut kavi's hair, 
and a little bit of sewing.

it was the perfect saturday.

paisley is sick today, so i am home from church. 
before david left, i put on my lovely hunter clogs
and picked a bunch of daffodils from the yard.
the lady before us planted them all around the edge of 
the property and they are blooming like crazy. 
daffodils are my favorite. 
when i was young, my dad grew them by the acre (almost.)
my mother and i would set up a stand and sell them on the side of a small road.
my mom is so frugal!
anyways, they're beautiful and you would love 
these fresh flowers at the table.

that was my weekend.

i hope yours was just as perfect.
i'm sure more adventurous in russia.
i'm excited to hear about your travels.
we NEED to chat when you get back to sweden.

i love you!

delightfully yours,

Friday, March 20, 2009

our day of green

our st. patty's day was spent outside.
i got to use my tea candled jars for ambiance.

mom made our traditional corned beef, 
and we enjoyed green mashed potatoes.
annette brought festive green punch and 
yummy lime pie. 

and snuggled paisley,

while kavi swung the evening away.

it was a fun relaxing evening filled 
with family i love.

plus, i got a kiss at the end of the night, 

and i'm not even irish.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

my late night thoughts and a nightown

this is my favorite house dress.
these are my favorite slippers.

i'm sitting in my favorite chair
with my favorite laptop.
i just ate my favorite popcorn (kettle).

i just got my favorite haircut.
and here is my (not-so-favorite) self portrait.

i am winding down from a busy week that was packed full of 
potential blog posts, but my time (or lack of it) hasn't allowed me to do so. 

i had more to say, but i guess that's it for now.
maybe i'll play catch up this weekend.


a nakey baby is my favorite kind of baby

Friday, March 13, 2009

fabric O

our tax return was redeemed in the form of 
new sheets for the boy's bed.

i also used it to purchase some delightfully inspiring fabrics. 

what does this all mean?

a new project for the all-too-busy momma:
a quilt for the boy's bed.

more to come:
more tax money purchases :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a new season

seeing the first spring blooms told 
me that it is time.

time to finish losing the baby weight.

time to be outside.

time for shorts.

a white saturday

it was a perfect day to wake up to this sight.
our best snowfall this winter.

the cousins had a blast playing with their dads, while the ladies sat in the garage and watched.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a second to breathe

i'm sitting in my nursing skills lab.
as i type, i'm waiting to check off on oral meds.
this week has been non-stop crazy and i have 30 minutes to breathe....alone.
my spring break officially starts on friday at 4:45 pm.
i'm counting down the hours to a much needed break to:
snuggle my kiddos
create felty things
watch meaningless tv
work out every day
i'm smiling just thinking about it!