Saturday, August 22, 2009

in limbo

i miss this man so much it hurts.

it's been three months since our family has been together and the weeks just keep going by. we are waiting for military processes to fall into place. you know, housing, movers, etc... we will be reunited pretty soon here; looks like sometime in the next two weeks is when the movers will come to pack away our lives
here to start a new one there. 

the excitement of being together again is overwhelming. i'm feeling the same giddiness as those weeks before our wedding. it's only 
been four years, but man, don't we look so much younger then? 
he is so handsome! especially with that yummy curly hair 
that he no longer has:(

so while i am in limbo, my blogging might start to dwindle off here and there as i prepare to move halfway across the country. but i do have many fun posts and surprises coming up including:

more wedding pictures
(because i just went through them)

7 siblings in 7 days

quilting progress

a whole new "name and look" for this itty bitty blog of mine
more headbands and into the etsy shop

a guest giveaway

now pardon me while i lay my head down to dream about my honey on the beach with long hair...



Melissa Tate said...

I am so confused! I thought you were staying here to finish your last year of nursing school, and then you were going to meet up with him next year? I am totally lost! :) I love your wedding are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! He is so blessed to have such a talented, and beautiful wife. You're awesome. :)

Dan and Merideth said...

Oh, I have a tear for you! I hope you are not too lonely! I cant imagine how alone i would feel without my husband. Im sorry!