Wednesday, February 11, 2009

more than the jitters

this is how nervous i am for my first clinical tomorrow:

i had a dream:

i'm in the hospital following my instructor. i am NOT allowed to bite my nails in the hospital because it is not sanitary. however i am so nervous, that when i look down, i realize instead of biting my nails, i have eaten half of my iPhone. literally, chewed it little by little, just like i would my nails.

i know, my psyche is loco.

pray for me.

*last week was just my clinical orientation. tomorrow is the real thing.*


stephanie said...

not just praying for you...but totally whoop-hollerin' outright cheering for YOU!

The Mathews Four said...

You know I think you are going to be fabulous! I really think that you are going into the perfect field. The first time I met you we were all sitting in a big circle at the family reunion and I remember thinking how easily you fit into a crowd of strangers and how personable and fun to hang out with you were. You are so easy and fun to talk to. And ALL of that translates into a GREAT bedside manner. Anyone who has had a baby knows that the nurses are what make the experience a positive or negative one. You're going to be awesome!

Anne said...

i know you will be great. go get 'em.

Kelly said...

Sending my love Shay. You are wonderful.

Melissa Tate said...

I hope it went really well. Although I am sure it did! You are so capable and intelligent. Give yourself more credit! You will be awesome!!

Angela said...

Ha funny dream. You probably did great!

Noel said...

thinking of you shay. I can't wait to hear how it went!