Monday, February 2, 2009

for you, etsy; and you, and you, and you

dear etsy,

here are my two latest creations.
take and sell please.

much love,
a poor starving student


Noel said...

Love the aprons sister. Is that Kavi you're modeling them in? Cracking me up! I miss your kids soooo bad! love you!

Brittny said...

Hahaha You used Kavi as the model. That's great. The aprons look great and if I had money I would buy one.

The Chavez Six Est. 2002 said...

Hilarious. That poor boy's going to have a complex shay. You really have a knack for creativity though. So cute :)

Lei said...

I was going to comment on your headless model myself! Clever. ;) I promise to buy one. I do!