Friday, February 27, 2009

corners of a home-part 4

corners of a (utah) home

this is the home of thee

if you don't know her, that's unfortunate for you, because she's hilarious, gorgeous, kind, laid back and disgustingly creative. she is the mother of 2 spunky boys and has recently moved to utah while her husband is getting his MBA. somehow she manages to mother, sew, and bake often while keeping a meticulous, yet comfy abode.
(plus, she sometimes swears. and i love it!)

her sewing room is adorned with her 
own pillows and this adorable 
storage shelf that holds thread and buttons.

a sitting area in her living room
she's so shabby!

          the den bookshelf           wall arrangement


sy and soren's playroom where their 
art is proudly displayed

the top of anne's living room armoire holds classic boxes, hydrangeas, and her favorite piece of art- an angel made by a family friend.

          this side table holds anne's 
             favorite anthropologie           a wall in the kitchen
        lamp and a pink box from her mom

i house sat for anne a couple times and secretly coveted  every detail, so it's hard for me to choose my favorite corner.  i would say her sewing shelf because it's a mix of design and functionality.

what's your favorite corner?


Anne said...

this is great, shay! i feel so special. i'll post a link to it on my blog. thanks again!

Kelly said...

i would have to say...
1. the den bookshelf- love the black!
2. anthro lamp and pink box- adorable combo
3. the letter/magazine holder hanging up in the kitchen

fun post per usual shay!

Lei said...

I just love how Anne has adapted shabby to her favorite color pallette... she has flair!!!