Monday, February 9, 2009

happy is in the air

first off..

to my lovely friend elizabeth
(who reads my blog, but NEVER comments:))
she is a sweet, kind, sassy, well-balanced, intelligent, crazy woman with an adorable family. not to mention, she is an attentive mother and supportive wife as her hubby is off to the middle east soon.

enjoy your day BETH!

second off...

i have a fabulous giveaway link:


is hosting a baby shower and the giveaways are fantastic.

if you win, you can thank me later!

third off...

this is my 100th post!
oh happy, happy, happy!


Beth said...

I am here!!! Thank you darling. I have had a wonderful day and I am laying in bed checking my blogs and find the perfect ending to a great day. Keep blogging, I love it.

stephanie said...

i love love love that girl a bit myself! :)