Thursday, February 19, 2009

a letter to springville

my dearest jaclyn dawn,

you are beautiful.
everyone knows it.
you also have some nice junk in your trunk.
everyone knows that too.

i miss living with you.
i miss hearing your treadmill go,
i miss watching you play with my children,
i miss sharing junk food with you,then complaining 
how "fat" we are,
but most of all, i miss your witty sarcasm.
i hope you haven't lost it in utah.(gag.)(j/k)(well, not really.)

 So,since i am your favorite sister (in the law) 
      and since i like to keep my promises,  
here is a recipe for you to enjoy.

it is delightfully healthy,
and as equally delicious.

Grilled Polenta & Balsamic Mushrooms

enjoy, and let me know when you are engaged
so i can start getting skinny
for a wedding.

yours truly,


Kristina said...

Yummers!!! I need to make this. Rick and I love Polenta and Mushrooms - what could be better than together!!!

Tara said...

MMMM, looks so good. So I went to the Martha Stewert websited and I am still confused as to what Polenta is? Is it a bread? It looks firm in the picture, but on the website it looked squishy. Ah, my nievity shows through on the gourmet cooking knowledge.
It still looks really good, even if I don't know what it is.