Thursday, May 21, 2009

thee agenda

can you even tell where i'm going from this
itty bitty picture?

i'm off to our country's capital, the great washington dc.
there are a slew of events occurring over the next couple days
and i'm not quite sure if i'm ready.

the agenda is as follows:

fri: *fly to dc with jen and listen to dr. laura on my iphone
while reading trash magazines
*also-say goodbye to the mr. for 2 months (more on that later)
*meet my family at the same marriott we stayed at for mark's funeral

sat: *wake up bright and early to go to the DC temple with my mom, sisters, and trevor.
*sight see and eat as much as i can for the rest of the day.

sun: *sight see some more and eat some more-all in
the name of family.
*dad, taylor, and brandon join us.

mon: *memorial day will be spent at arlington cemetery
visiting mark's grave and with all of his friends.
*maybe run into the president at arlington :) or :( ? you tell me.
*drive down to norfolk VA to the SEAL base.
*my life changes forever-david leaves austin for boot camp

*meet for what will be a beautiful memorial for my
brother and his fallen SEAL brothers.
*enjoy his friends and my family
*fly home to my children who will be fatherless, but with their grandparents.

WOW. right? my emotions are already flowing in all directions. so much family, memories, patriotism, and love in one weekend. the biggest event is obviously david leaving. he'll do great, but will i? that's the real question? wish me luck with all these endeavours.


Tara said...

Oh Shay, I am feeling your heart hurt, but I am also feeling your strength and faith and know that everything will be o.k. You are awesome and you will deal with everything beautifully, I just know it.


Kelly said...

Stay strong my love and Happy Birthday!

PS. You forgot to mention that Saturday is your birthday. So I just did it for you! I love you Shay Shay.

Angela said...

I think luck won't cut it...blessings, I leave blessings. Justin leaves for only 2 weeks at a time and that is tough...but you got your family near, I don't.

Amanda and Steve said...

I was thinking about you with Memorial Day coming up! I hope all goes well.

Anne said...

whoa---holy emotional craziness. love you. happy birthday.