Thursday, May 14, 2009

1 semester down, 3 to go

i made it through my first semester 
of nursing school.
i honestly don't know how i did it with 2 kids and all my other responsibilities/demanding hobbies; 
but i did, and it feels so good! 

this is what the sweet husband brought 
home for me after my final final:

nothing says good job like candy and a flower.


Kaitlyn said...

Way to go Shay! It was difficult to go to school with just one baby. You are such a trooper. Congratulations again!

Melissa Tate said...

YEAH!!! Congrats! You are such an inspiration to me!!

Noel said...

Way to go Shay for being so triumphant-you amaze me girl. Also, way to go know the ways my son!

Kelly said...

Well done my friend! You made it through in one piece! I am so proud of you!