Wednesday, May 13, 2009

#1 and counting


happy 1st birthday to my beautiful daughter.

it has been one year paisley, since you were inside me like this. 
i have wanted a baby girl all my life and was afraid i would never get you.
but your father knew you would be a girl.
(he always sets me straight when i have doubt.)
from the moment i went into labor with you, i felt a special connection;
one between a mother and daughter that can't be explained.
you will always be my precious paisy bear.
although you are very serious, you are a happy baby. 
you love your mommy, daddy, and nana.
it doesn't take much to get you smile and giggle.
and those looks my girl;
you are the most gorgeous baby girl!
i know this is a fact since i hear it everywhere i go.
thank you for the first joyous year of your amazing life.
i am so grateful to our heavenly father for sending you to me.
you are mine and i am yours.


Mr Lee said...

Very pleased to come here.Your blog gives us a good feeling.Nice to meet you.Look forward to communicating with you.We want to invite you to our blog at any time you want.
Have a wonderful day!

Lei said...

No way! It can't be!

PS - I haven't made the grand announcement just yet, but I have a photography website now, which you must see, since you and your cute little ones are plastered all over it. :)

Noel said...

How sweet is this. I can't believe a whole year has passed. I love this little Paisley girl and am so glad to be her auntie!

Kelly said...

Adorable daughter. Fabulous mother. Sweet girls.

This past year has flown by. I can't wait to see my two favorite girls... hopefully it is sooner rather than later! Give Paisley kisses for me please! Love you~

The Bradley's said...

I love the silhouette picture! She's beautiful!