Thursday, May 28, 2009

letters to boot camp

my love,
i miss you. 
the boy misses you.
the girl misses you.
i am on your laptop on the couch in your family's house. 
the boy is watching madagascar II and the girl is sleeping soundly upstairs. all is well; even with the longing of 
you to be here.

the boy asked me a while ago if we could call you. i explained that we couldn't. he then nonchalantly asked to call aunt jennifer instead?!?

do you remember my 4 goals for the summer for the kiddos?
well we checked one off today and you would be so proud.
kavi can swim!!!!!!
well, with a life jacket. he started out not wanting to get in the pool. then, it was just on the steps. then, i held him with two hands, down to only one. as soon as i eventually let go and he made it to the edge by himself, there was no stopping that boy. he swam back and forth for the next 30 min, stopping to clap and yell "i did it" at each wall.
i got a little teary-eyed thinking how proud you'd be. i love sharing that pride with you: seeing our beautiful children accomplish something. i wish you were there.

speaking of pride; we are all so proud of you. keep up the tough guy stuff, but save some tenderness for me please. 

i love you.

your wifey

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Noel said...

such a sweet letter shay. Kavi looked darling swimming yesterday.