Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3 songs

each night, before we tuck our children under their covers, we read 2 stories and sing 3 songs.
each night we ask kavi which songs he wants to sing.
each night he responds..."twinkle star."
each night after that is sung, he can't think of any other ones.
tonight however, he responded: "love to see the temple. feel the spirit."

it was one of those moments as a mother, where emotions of 
gratitude, humility, satisfaction, and joy flood in.


i love to see the temple,
i'm going there some day.
to feel the holy spirit,
to listen and to pray.

for the temple is a house of god,
a place of love and beauty.
i'll prepare myself while i am young,
this is my sacred duty.

the san diego temple
my absolute favorite. 
i got to walk through as a young girl when it was just built.

the san antonio temple
this is where david and i were married and sealed.

this is a great video to learn more about why we, as mormons build temples

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Lei said...

Aw, that is such a sweet moment!