Sunday, March 22, 2009

a letter to russia

my dearest kelly ann,

i have a confession.
i did something really selfish the other day.
i was perusing the isles of our favorite store...TJ MAXX when i struck gold.
(going 6 times and not finding anything is worth this moment! 
you know exactly what i mean.)
i found a blue striped relay terry 3/4 sleeve JUICY hoodie.
you would LOVE it.
the price you ask?

originally: $148.00

TJ maxx price: $59.99

clearance price: $39.00

i quickly scanned for another one 
(even though your birthday isn't for another 4 months)
and there was only ONE!

here's the confession part:

i decided to keep it for myself.

will you forgive me?

i just couldn't help myself.
to make up for my selfishness, 
i promise you'll get a fabulous birthday gift!
cross my heart.

i knew you would understand.
you always do.

i also scored these crazy cute pj's for paisley.
only one pair of these too. 
can you imagine her cuteness chubs in these?
 i had to get them.

that was friday.

saturday included:
sleeping in,
breakfast in bed courtesy of david,
working in the garden as a family,
 (we prepared our garden beds in the back to plant our veggies next week!)
doing yoga with both my boys,
attempting to cut kavi's hair, 
and a little bit of sewing.

it was the perfect saturday.

paisley is sick today, so i am home from church. 
before david left, i put on my lovely hunter clogs
and picked a bunch of daffodils from the yard.
the lady before us planted them all around the edge of 
the property and they are blooming like crazy. 
daffodils are my favorite. 
when i was young, my dad grew them by the acre (almost.)
my mother and i would set up a stand and sell them on the side of a small road.
my mom is so frugal!
anyways, they're beautiful and you would love 
these fresh flowers at the table.

that was my weekend.

i hope yours was just as perfect.
i'm sure more adventurous in russia.
i'm excited to hear about your travels.
we NEED to chat when you get back to sweden.

i love you!

delightfully yours,


Kelly said...

Ohhhh I LOVE GETTING MAIL! Thank you, Shay Shay! You sure did find some steals- you made me proud! Can you please send me a picture of cute Paisley bear in those adorable PJs? And uhhh, did they happen to have those in my size?! :) I made it home from Russia safe and sound... I'll try to post pictures tomorrow! Miss you more than ever and so wish that we good go to TJ Maxx and then eat yummy Thai food for dinner! Next summer, perhaps? I love you!

Noel said...

Shay-I love your letter to Kelly. And I will take this opportunity to tell Kelly that I miss you and love you!