Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a second to breathe

i'm sitting in my nursing skills lab.
as i type, i'm waiting to check off on oral meds.
this week has been non-stop crazy and i have 30 minutes to breathe....alone.
my spring break officially starts on friday at 4:45 pm.
i'm counting down the hours to a much needed break to:
snuggle my kiddos
create felty things
watch meaningless tv
work out every day
i'm smiling just thinking about it!


Kelly said...

do you think that you can manage to squeeze in some time to talk to moi?? its been far too long!

48 hours and counting! almost there shay shay!

Melissa Tate said...

Is it getting really crazy at school then? How are the hands on experiences? We should talk again, I promise to be upbeat. :) Sorry, I was just having a bad last time. I'll call you after I get back from Indiana so we can chat all about nursing stuff.

Amanda and Steve said...

I hope things are going well even if they're busy!

Noel said...

I'm feeling the exact same way...I do feel a little more sorry for you though b/c my break starts at 11 am on Friday! But...what does a few hours mean, really? Love you Shay!