Thursday, March 19, 2009

my late night thoughts and a nightown

this is my favorite house dress.
these are my favorite slippers.

i'm sitting in my favorite chair
with my favorite laptop.
i just ate my favorite popcorn (kettle).

i just got my favorite haircut.
and here is my (not-so-favorite) self portrait.

i am winding down from a busy week that was packed full of 
potential blog posts, but my time (or lack of it) hasn't allowed me to do so. 

i had more to say, but i guess that's it for now.
maybe i'll play catch up this weekend.



Annette said...

Didn't you just love Tiffany? Your hair looks fabulous!!!

Jennifer said...

love the hair, you look crack skinney too. how fun.

Anne said...

cute hair, shay!

Molly Bea said...

LOVE the cute!drapir