Thursday, September 25, 2008

it's a plane (& a birthday)

kavi loved the airplane ride. he looked out the window the whole time and kept pointing to the cars.
he eventually fell asleep as i was watching the sunset and listening to enya. it was a peaceful moment...

and then he awoke and threw up all over my lap. as i cleaned him up, he said in his raspy voice,"thank you mommy."

paisley sat with nanna.

cristian had a blast of a partay.
his request for the dinner menu:
spicy sausage
brandon's herb chicken
mashed potatoes
& chocolate milk

jennifer made stir fry with tofu for dinner last night.
loved it.

here are some more pictures of the clan for your enjoyment.

noel with her paisley-bear cora bella

perry princess time grape monsters


Anne said...

yummy--the stir fry looks awesome and the fam looks cute!

stephanie said...

look how fancy on-the-ball you are blogging even on your trip! i hope you are having a blast. :)