Sunday, September 21, 2008

#3 and a boat ride

words cannot express how much i love these girls.
they are my best friends.
i miss noel and jen so much.
can't wait to see you guys on tuesday!

me and the sisters

brandon took us for a saturday evening boat ride.
we saw a bride taking pictures at the yacht club
and a couple of duck families.

brandon lets reade drive the pontoon.

paisley cracks us all up.

the dad  &  the brother: tay
they went on a camping trip last week.
looks like they had fun eh?

real men camp


Anne said...

take me with you! paisley reminds me of cora in that close-up.

Kelly said...

i want to hang out with you and your fabulous sista's too!

i hear that here are cheap tickets to sweden right now..? in my dreams! :)