Tuesday, September 23, 2008


my main reason for a trip to austin:
this guy
cristian luke cruz is turning 8 and getting baptized!
cristian is my first born nephew, and therefore, holds a
special place in my heart.
i remember holding him and pretending he was mine.
he was a great baby, even cuter toddler, and now; a boy soon to be young man. i love this kid more than words can say.
you better still give your auntie some kisses when i get there!
can i get some kisses from mason too?
can't wait to pinch his hiney!

and i am off.
Mr. Pruett should pull up any second to chauffeur us to the airport.
wish me luck traveling with 2 children!


Anne said...

have so much fun! tell jen i love her----sometimes she says she is going to call me back and then she doesn't...hooker.

k. lee said...

Every day I looked forward to your countdown! Another amazing, excellent idea, cousin. Enjoy your trip!