Sunday, October 4, 2009


the mister and i have had a hard couple of days together. 
no real reason,but just sarcastic, sassy, and 
insensitive to each other. 

so like any woman would do (right?), i was sulking in bed last night when he came and scooped me up (literally) and plopped 
me on the couch. he then proceeded to:

*set a movie up for the kids on the laptop
*put a movie on for us.
his pick? pride and prejudice. yep, i married the right man. if for this reason only! but for many others as well.
*bring me cookie dough on a spoon (that he had just made)
*followed by a glass of milk
*tuck me in with a cozy blanket and pull the ottoman under my feet
*bring me a cookie fresh from the oven
*bring me my contacts case and solution so i could take them out and put on my glasses

and then cuddled me for the whole movie.

all this was done with no words between us.

sometimes, makeups don't have to be a long drawn out talk fest.
i liked this kind much better.
and of course i ate up every minute of my favorite movie while the mister enjoyed it too. (he knows my favorite parts:)
as the movie came to an end and my favorite part of all closed
i looked over to my mister darcy;
 mister pruett and said a quiet 
thank you.


Gena Susan said...

What an awesome hubby!! Such a sweet, sweet story!

The Lingo Family said...

So sweet.

Melissa Tate said...

Cost of cookie dough, $3. Cost of movie rental, $4. A fabulous date with a loving eternal companion...PRICELESS!! What a great hubby. You are very blessed. And you are right, sometimes no words need to be said when we communicate.