Monday, October 5, 2009

am i really an adult?

i'm so glad i'm not in high school anymore...

but so glad that great friends came from it.

kelly, shay, amanda, matthew, kavi

aunt jackies' visit ended by driving her up to san fransisco.
so kelly drove up with us to meet amanda (visiting from idaho) 
and matt who lives in SF.
these really are by best friends from high school 
(minus a couple in southern cali)

the evening involved:
*walking by 184 homeless people
(this might sound weird, but i love big cities for that reason)
 & breathing in secondhand smoke by the pack
while walking to dinner.
*new york style pizza was taken back to matt's apartment
* adult conversation was had
* my kids ran around loving all the attention
(it's rare that they are the only kids in a room full of adults.)

i loved the evening.
later i couldn't help but think about all of our current lives:

kelly is teaching 2nd grade. a TEACHER!
amanda is in grad school for psychology/social work?!
matt is in freaking law school!!!
and i'm married with two kids!

this definitely qualifies us as adults. 

so my question is...

when did we grow up?

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