Friday, August 7, 2009

friday freebie

want to adorn your pretty little 
head with one of these?

all you have to do is leave a comment telling 
me how pretty i am.

just kidding.

but you do have to leave a comment.


tell me which one you like the best and how much 
you think these bad boys
would/should/could sell for in my etsy shop.

i'll pick a winner at random on monday night and 
send your choice of 
headband right to your door. 

good luck my friends!


Jessica said...

hello! im truely in love with these! is that a stretchy headband?

The Lingo Family said...

I LOVE your headbands. I LOVE ETSY. I am thinking you could sell them for like between $18-$22, maybe more depending on the decor. I think the purple wide ribbon one is my fave, but I am loving the red with the white dots too. I LOVE them all!!! Super Cute! Oh and of course you are PRETTY, and talented, and crafty.

The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

Do I really have to chose one??? I don't know if I can. I really like the purple wide band, but the rosettas are SUPER cute too! I think I would go with the red rosettas if I won. I think... So hard to chose! You are seriously so talented! I think you could totally sell them for $20. At fancy stores kiddie flower bows are $10 each so those would sell for way more. I am SO keeping my fingers crossed!!!

stephanie said...

oh shay! adorable...but you know that. i LOVE them. i love the orange. and the yellow. and the pink. and the purple. but oh the RED! how do you choose?? they are bazillions ($80) on some sights and in some stores (ahem anthro and urban), but then they are also way reasonable ($12) in some.
i'm not a good judge, but for what it's worth my 2cents is this: if it was $20 i would splurge. if it was $15 i might splurge on two (cause then why would i need to choose my favorite color when i could have both?!).

and just so you get to hear it too...i think you are every bit as adorable as these little beauties;)

Heather Jim said...

SOOO cute! I've seen some here in Utah-Mormon-Ville, but yours beat them by a MILE! I love the orange one... totally perfect!

I would sell them for $16-24ish depending on how much stuff you put on it, and how expensive the stuff you put on it is.... I'm really no good at pricing things, so you probably shouldn't take my advice. :)

Jessica said...

just call me a dork with a capitol D!!!! :) when i looked last there was only one picture of the headbands with no writing. so now i see the whole post and im a dork:)
you know i LOVE these! i would love to have the red and white polka dot! and you could totally sell these babies! i was thinking about $15.00. i think it depends on how much you spent to make them though.i am with stephanie, if they are under 20 i think people would be more likely to buy more of them, and it wouldnt seem like such a big price. but i love em! great job!
i was going to ask you to, sometime, maybe, if you would be interested on doing a giveaway for me on your blog? where you would just advertise my shop and do a giveaway and i would send the winner a pair of the earrings featured. i would even let you pick out a pair and would send ya one. let me know what you think. thanks!

mom2domgigi said...

They are all beautiful. My DD3 is girly to the nth degree and anything pink is super in her book. I have no idea how much they would sell for but I am sure that you could get whatever you ask.
Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!!

Molly Bea said...

Okay, this is for my sister...she loves the purple bow one :) I don't do a lot of etsy shopping, (i know too many talented people like you) first thought was $12, but apparently I'm low...

Dan and Merideth said...

Sooooooo cute! but i have no idea how much stuff costs!

good luck! ill add your shop account to my favorites!

Angela said...

No doubt, the red, 3 rosetta one! I'd wear it with my dark torqoise shirt. If I was going to buy one, I'd say $15. Most of my headbands that are way styling cost this much.

BTW, your are pretty.

Kelly said...

Are you aware that I am your #1 fan? Everything that you make I seem to die over!

SPEAKING OF..... I got my Birthday present in the mail today! Case and point-- you are THE BEST and gorgeous at that! I love, love, LOVED it! So cute for a teach (I'm getting there. Hopefully sooner rather than later!)

As for the headbands-- $15ish. Super cute as always my dear Shalynn!

Now get your booty to California ASAP!

Noel said...

The Purple w/ three rose bud thingies is my favorite! I love all the shades of purple in that headband. I would say $15. So dang cute!!!!

Gena Susan said...

You are so talented! These are all way cute! Love the orange one. I'd say...$15...but I really have no idea what I'm talking about :)

Anne said...

love them, shay! i love the orangey one. and you are soooo pretty---say this with a valley girl accent. i would go with a happy medium and do $18. love you. oh...and pick me.