Thursday, August 6, 2009

snake update

turns out the mysterious old man with the ciggies 
in his shirt pocket is named tom.

i tracked down his address (because i have my ways) and delivered his chocolate chip cookies as promised.

also turns out that tom is very humble and 
would barely accept them.
i met tom's wife who he has been married to for 
50 years this week!

and lastly, it turns out that tom and his wife knew 
the previous owners of this house and informed me that they once found a snake in their living room. 
this is the living room where i live!

yeah, so i'm not that dramatic or far fetched, 
because it could happen, 
and it has.


Dan and Merideth said...

You are so ADORABLE!
Im so glad that you did that for them! You are so sweet!

Im sure he enjoyed the cookies!

Amanda and Steve said...

I'm glad you found out who he was. I have been so curious about him since I read your post. And I'm not being sarcastic. I was thinking about him the night after I read it and wondering, "Who in the world was he and where in the world did he come from?"