Monday, August 10, 2009

I lied.

I will announce a headband winner in a couple more days.

That means those of you who read my blog, but haven't entered this giveaway ( I know there are quite a few of you...) still have a chance!

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Jessica said...

my daughters bday is coming up and i was trying to figure out some girly favor i could give the girls. i wanted to make a little rosett clippy. i wanted to ask you first, since it is your idea about the roset headbands. i just wanted to ask you first, get your ok, or not ok. thanks shay! i will totally understand if the answer is "not ok". i respect the fact that its your idea. i will not sell them, just use as favors for the party. you can email me if you like, or just blog comment. sorry if im stalking you:)