Tuesday, July 7, 2009

how it all went down

our fourth of july started with the annual 
lake winnebago 5k fun run at 7 am.
noel was a trooper and ran with me. annette had my 
kids out on the driveway near 
the finish line which was super gratifying.

then we watched the ski show with overcast weather.
cole robert was the first act and dressed 
up as his uncle mark (navy SEAL).
he knee boarded by and waved at the audience 
the whole time. so cute!

paisley enjoyed clapping away while the boy wouldn't leave uncle dick alone!

then there was food. 
brandon rocked it on the bbq with his 
famous lemon-pepper chicken.
isn't he a charmer?

dad bird watched.

the boys were mischievous.

then there was the boat ride.
check out my hot momma, aunt, and sister.

i missed the fireworks because paisley has an ear infection, but the rest of the family watched from the boat. this neighborhood is perfect for this holiday!

the next sunday:

so happy to be with family during this blessed holiday. 
i enjoyed watching cousin kara in loveland 
daydreaming about her man,
and aunt noelie playing with my kiddos.

hope your 4th was just as magical!


The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

Looks like a great 4th! You and your sister are too cute!

Noel said...

Such a fun day!!!!