Wednesday, July 8, 2009


this is noel sleeping.

this is noel with her new quilt.

this is noel's sister explaining how she made 
the quilt for noel.

this is noel with her new quilt and her sister.

this is noel sleeping happily ever after on her new quilt.
the end

p.s. these are two sisters who love each other very much.


Dan and Merideth said...

I LOVE that quilt! you are so talented! i love the colors!! thats the hardest part for me!!! I can never choose any fabrics! I dont know many people who could do that! you are talented and amazing!!

Im sure Noel and anyone who gets one of your masterpieces with love it forever!!!! You go girl!

Annette said...

One of my favorite posts ever!! Love you both!!

k. lee said...




Love you two!

Anonymous said...

love the colors and fabric. im sure noel adores it to pieces. nice to think it'll be gracing my house for a few weeks!

The Lingo Family said...

So cute. Happy, happy sisters!!!!! Your quilt making skills are amazing!!!

Jessica said...

i wish we lived closer so we could hang and sew!! seriously!

Noel said...

That is the most thoughtful gift Shay! YOu know I love it and can't wait to snuggle with it EVERY night...You are the most creative person i know. love you! and THANK YOU!

stephanie said...

can i be your sister, too??;)
i love it. i love your fabrics. i love that it was made for your sister with love. and i love that noel looks beautifully glamorous...asleep!
good good good good job!