Saturday, May 9, 2009

it's a go go

it's official.

i am registered.
noel is registered.

we are doing a sprint triathlon June 7 in austin.

i am slowly checking off my bucket list.

one thing at a time, right?

p.s. the chickens will have to wait.
i think i shed a few tears over that one.


Anne said...

good luck!!

Noel said...

Yay-Shay! we're gonna do this together! I can't wait. I'm sorry to hear about the chickens...ONE DAY!

The Bradley's said...

Oh my gosh! Good luck! I'm sorry about the little chicks, you'll get them one day!

Tara said...

wow, I am very impressed!! You are amazing.
And about the chicks, I think they might be kind of stinky anyway. :) There's always a bright side.