Tuesday, October 14, 2008

where my time flies

time has seemed to have gone missing.
i find it hiding in this book.
i have been preparing for my nursing entrance exam that 
i will take at the end of this month.
this TEAS test will be the end of me i think.
i find that when i am under pressure, i tend to play this game with time. for instance... i need to study this manual for 2 hours a day, so my mind is also telling me that i "need" to: 






blog surf

clean some more

create some more


write thanks you notes

all right now.
i have perfected this trick of talking myself out of studying because i "have" so many other things to do that are more important.

and so my weekend included:

starting a quilt for whom i know not 

i let the boy help me backstitch by pushing the button when i say so.
he follows direction so well. sometimes.

(at least this duals as fun parenting, since i let the boy play in leaves while i weed.
yes! 2 birds with 1 stone!)

with all of these games and trickery, you'd think i'd make 
time to pluck my eyebrows!

does anyone else have this problem?
not the eyebrows.
the under pressure game?


Angela said...

The quilt is for me, for me! Ok, fine never mind.

Your awesome. Love the pictures!

Lei said...

yes, but i work best under pressure, so i do it on purpose. (sounds good, right?) case in point i've got family coming in town tomorrow and here i sit.


The Mathews Four said...

Oh I feel your pain. Nate just actually took the TEAS exam two weeks ago and I don't think I saw him for weeks. Do you get to take it twice? Nate got to take a "practice" one and then I think he had to take it the second time within a certain time from that first test. They take the highest scores from each category of the two tests which was nice. Anyway, I'm sure you'll do great! And.... anything that gets you to the sewing machine to create cute quilts can't be a bad thing. Even if it is procrastination at it's finest! *wink*

stephanie said...

oooohhh my word. shalynn, seriously you are speaking MY LANGUAGE. this was my life. for 11 years (cause it took me FOREVER to be done). and grad school was even worse because it required way more of my brain and the creative parts kept oozing out of me instead of those boring academic parts that required lots of reading journals and writing research papers. all i can say is keep on keepin' on...cause it does end. and then it's really over. enjoy it. i kind of miss it. not the homework, but the learning, and such.