Thursday, October 9, 2008

letters to the bedroom

dearest Mr. Pruett

happy 26th birthday.
here are 26 of the many reasons why i LOVE you.

1. for all the techy favors you do for me and the fun you have doing it.

2. for your patience with me, our children, and just in general.

3. because you let me warm my feet up with yours every night...aka: footsie.

4. because you want a bazillion children .

5. because you made me an oreo shake when we were engaged
and i was really stressed out with school.

6. because you took me to thai whenever i wanted when we were dating.

7. because you were really hot when we were dating.

8. because you're still really hot.

9. because many balloons were involved in your proposal.

10. because you unclog toilets for me (close to slaying dragons.)

11. because you play basketball like a balla!

12. because you are creatively inclined.

13. for watching cartoons with the boy.

14. for loving my body no matter the size or stretchmarks.

15. because you married me here.

16. for attending a political forum with me on your birthday.

17. for loving our family just as much as i do.

18. because you love to watch movies in bed with me.
19. for tickling my back when i beg you to.
20. for working so hard for our family.

21. for wanting to marry me after i explained what you were getting yourself into.
22. for being the best dad to our son.
23. for being the best dad to our daughter.
24. because you have a strong testimony of the gospel.
25. because you can never tell a lie.
26. for adoring me.
i love you david.


Anne said...

so sweet---that last picture is so incredibly romantic and lovely i can't stop looking at it.

Brittny said...

That was cute, very cheesy, but cute.