Wednesday, October 15, 2008

4 things

kelly has convinced me.
i'm keeping them and proud of it.
because it was raining, i got to wear my hunters to school.
can you believe my dr. laura-ish professor complimented me?
i was so flattered.
paisley has started solids.
and boy does she love them.
a girl who loves food.
she must be mine.
i watched a show tonight.
it was called our 27 kids. these people are amazing. they have 4 bio kids and have 
adopted 23 others all with special needs. and get this...
they love their life.
makes me think twice about complaining when my kids act up.
a mystery.
this photo snuck onto my camera. who took this i ask myself?
it happened while i was in austin.
my suspicions lead me towards carlos.
am i right?
what do you think this is a picture of?


The Mathews Four said...

Did you realize what a cute tushy you have? I was thinking that that was what you were showing off rather then the cute boots. But holy cute boots! Cute boot-ie... cute boot-s!

And that last picture... I'm guessing it's the inside of someone's leg when they're sitting indian style. Is that right? (Is it still okay to call it "indian" style?!)

Brittny said...

I love boots, specifically those boots, which makes me love you.