Thursday, October 23, 2008

my anti-depressant

today was one of those days.
as i laid down to nap, i couldn't sleep;
i was too busy feeling sorry for myself.
i officially labeled myself as depressed as i listed the "poor me's"

i miss austin and my sisters
i miss having money
i miss my brother
why is my child being a spawn
i want new clothes that fit
i want this hat
when will nIE wake up
when will i ever be done with school
when will david ever be done with school
i want to go out on a date without worrying about money
i miss my old ward

after Mr. Pruett tried everything to cheer me up, 
i finally decided to make sugar cookies.
my two boys helped make the batter and david even helped me frost them. 
(with exceptional frosting skills i might add.)

and then we watched the office.

these two were the perfect anti-depressant.

but don't worry; i'll still pop the prozac on my nightstand tonight.


Kelly said...

cheer up shay shay!

i love you and miss you so...

Angela said...

Great cookie cutter shapes! Of course I probably shouldn't ask where you got them, since you probably got them there. Way cute. I want to do some this Sunday.

The Mathews Four said...

If I were there I'd give you a hug worth 'a thousand dollars and one penny'... or we could re-watch The Office episode from last night and call it great. I love that show! Hang in there lady! The time is going to pass regardless, but you and your hubby are 'paying your dues' right now to bless your family in the future. (At least that's what I have to tell myself when I never get to see my husband because of work and school.... :)...)

Hillary said...

I love the office! I watch it almost every night, it's the perfect thing to take the edge off.