Sunday, October 26, 2008

a letter to the future

to my children:

do you know what your father did for me last night? after a long week, and a stressful one approaching, he planned a relaxing evening for me. i walked in the door from omaha and the house was spotless. he put the boy to bed as i showered and folded laundry while i nursed the girl to sleep. when you were all tucked into bed, he turned down the lights of our clean room, lit a plethora of candles, and even played some of my favorite music from coldplay and azure ray. and then, he gave me the best massage of my life. from my toes to my head, he kneaded out every bit of stress. he tickle-scratched my back and arms. it was pure bliss to feel so loved. i got teary as my emotional and physical well was being filled to the rim by my caring husband. as i tried to let every thought drift from my mind, one stayed: i love this man. 

to my girl(s): marry a man that will do this for you.
to my boy(s): do these things for your wife.

if nothing is going right in my life, at least i know i have this rock; my husband. 
and yes: marrying him was the best decision of my life.


Angela said...

K, that made me get teary eyed! So wonderful. I always thought he would be this kind of husband. Sweat.

k. lee said...

That pulled at the heart strings just a bit. Loved every mushy bit. Good luck on your test this week! Love you!

Molly Bea said...

You are one blessed mama!

The Seeley Family said...

What a husband! That is so sweet.