Wednesday, October 22, 2008

for jennifer

i was waiting for class to begin while chatting with my sis on the phone.
that's when i saw her.
my description over the phone could not do her justice.
so each day, i would take my camera to class a little early and set up shop.
i would discretely pull out my camera around the same corner i saw her 
and pretend to be looking at pictures.
my plan was to shoot as soon as she appeared.
each day i brought my camera, she was a no-show.
i finally figured out her new pathway to class.
so over a month later, i finally got my shot.

here she is:

the human feline

sorry this isn't the best picture jennifer, but i was undercover.
do you get it now? 
a long furry red tail.
everyday, she wears it.
this poses some questions in my
 mind such as:

how is it attached?
does she hold it up when she uses the ladies room?
or does she have a litter-box at home?
does she sit at her desk with it between her legs?
does she lick it?

any other question come up for ya'll out there?


Anonymous said...

holy crapness!!! that is so freak'n hilarious - okay she is a freak of nature and yes, she does have a litter box. I hope she gets some major psychological benefits from her job when she graduates. Maybe we could set up a fund for her. Thanks for the brave undercover work. You should pull a toy mouse in front of her and see what she does.....

The Mathews Four said...

Just proves my theory that not all people that go to college are smart. So weird! But totally funny!!!
Okay and totally hilarious and random.... the word verification at the bottom of the comment screen is "mousses".... +giggle giggle snort*

k. lee said...

Does she meow like a cat as well? Like Goat Boy from SNL?

Noel said...

I wonder if Jared would like her.

Molly Bea said...

I cannot believe this! THat is definatley worth your time to share THIS with all of us...seriously my question is "what is she THINKING!?!?"

shay said...

noel. that is too hilarious!