Tuesday, October 21, 2008

one sick child

the boy has been sick over the weekend. 2 words:
it got so bad that we had to miss church on sunday to take him to a walgreens clinic. 5 hours (yes, that's FIVE) later, he was diagnosed with an ear infection. 24 hours later he was feeling better from the antibiotics. 48 hours later is another story. nightmare. as i was struggling to convince him to let me put his pajamas on, he was screaming and thrashing away from me.
light bulb moment:
who cares if he sleeps in his clothes?
note to self: let him win this battle. there will be plenty more.


Christina said...

Hey! I found your blog on Kristina's when you left her a comment...it was fun to see recent pics of your kiddos...wow!! You haven't been gone *that* long and they have grown so much!!!! Hope all is well! Hugs, Christina Davila

Kelly said...

ahhh poor little guy.... AND shay!

i love you and hope he gets better soon!