Wednesday, October 1, 2008

my crazy sister

you know you have a sister like mine if she:
a. cuts your daughter's hair without your permission.
b. has an O when she black lights her bathroom.
(yes, she turns off the light and looks for pee. it glows in the dark. with 3 boys in
the house, let me tell you... places you never imagined.)
c. eats cookies for breakfast.
d. begs your child to pull out his loose eyelashes.
e. buys your children fabulous clothes.
f. can whip up a delicious meal without a recipe.
g. has an adorable family.
h. almost pees her pants while watching the office re-runs with you.

i. has a gorgeous, cozy home that you adore.
and i. brings me to a new segment called:

corners of a lovely home.
starring: the cruz house

the hearth of the jen's house.
gotta love her mantle.

in the master bedroom                                           plum coffee table
                                                                      (i helped paint this by-the-way)

the girl's room                                                     thrift store print re-framed

children's artwork adorn their bedroom doors and a cork board in the kitchen area

a wreath above the fridge                             her orange pantry

this color was actually an accident.
i was trying to get the right orange for my kitchen, and found this along the way.

everyone needs a wedding photo.                                         my favorite corner of jen's house
the red office with white trim.                                                                     a stolen quilt. thief.

a basket of pillows made from
the talented ANNE ANDERSON
check out her etsy store.
you'll fall in love.

what's your favorite corner of jen's house?


Noel said...

Shay. What a sweet tribute to our lovely sista and her cute home. I'm obsessed with your blog. Also, thanks for showing me how to write comments. Love you. miss you already!

Kelly said...

the RED OFFICE! love it! and the kids rooms of course. but you didnt put a picture of the boys room and their new bunkbeds!

yes, jen is fabulous! LOVE YOU JEN!

Anne said...

i am also in love with your crazy sister. i am loving the mantle!! so cool. what a cool post.

Nickyg09 said...

Her home is very adorable! I love, love, love the fire place mantle decorations!