Sunday, August 17, 2008

our weekend outside

my sunday morning

looking out at the lake.

miss paisley killing me with her cuteness

this is how we spent friday and saturday.
it may have been one of my favorite weekends ever.
i adore spending time in my mom's backyard.

                                               the boy and his dad            my feet in the freshly                                                                                   swinging from the tree.                  mowed lawn.             

        the girl relaxing on the picnic blanket.
the vegetable garden

mr. cole with nana's cucumber

                            pumpkins           tomatoes         cucumbers

the boy and his cousins played very well
 while we had a picnic and did yard work. 
on the menu: grilled mozzarella sandwiches 
with home-grown basil and tomatoes. 

for some unknown reason, kavi 
wanted one sock on with his crocs.
fashion statement maybe?

good ole' fashion fun


Angela said...

I love the video. Glad you put it on.

Brandon and Melissa Brawley said...

Hey! It's Melissa! I saw your blog I think on Ashley's :) How fun :) You guys are living by David's parents in Texas? I wish I could have made it to the family reunion but it looks like you guys didn't either so I don't feel so bad :) You all look happy and great!