Tuesday, August 19, 2008

packages and such

dearest jennifer,
you better be checking out my blog daily.
if you are not, you are a skank.
i received your packages today full of darling children's clothes.
i had fond memories as i sifted through each piece, thinking of my dearest niece, Cora Bella.
then there were Perry clothes. i couldn't help but imagine that cute chubby behind of hers filling out those pants.
i am so elated to have more clothes for the girl. 
i cannot believe you are actually done having children.
you have done well my sister, and i appreciate the hand-me-downs.
i miss you more than words can say...

you know school has begun when:

1. there are backpacks hanging on doorknobs

2. your husband's laptop is not anywhere to be found

3. you actually have to set an alarm for the morning

4. your husband walks through the door with a 
backpack on his shoulders


5. your nephew has on his new kicks


today was mr. cole's first day of kindergarten.
he asked me every half hour, if his bus was here yet.
happy first day cole!



the big brother:
    brandon reade    
brandon came home from work in the middle 
of the day to see cole off to school.
he is a great dad and probably the hardest working man i know.
       i am so glad that we moved next to him and his family.                       


* my thoughts have been distracted by a recent tragedy. 
my blogger idol, NIE was in a plane crash this last weekend with her husband. 
they are severely burned and have a long recovery ahead of them. 
she has been an inspiration to me as a wife, mother, and woman. 
she and her family are in my prayers. 
check out her AmAzInG blog here

i'm out.

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