Thursday, August 14, 2008

hooray for cloth diapers

our cloth diapers are finally here!
i've been thinking about cloth diapers for a while now and have decided to make the switch due to our new financial situation...aka... we poor.
i'm also starting to feel a little more "green" due to my BFF kelly (who i will introduce soon.)

the boy was really excited and kept pointing and
saying, "new diapers."
we'll see how they far, so good.
keeping my fingers crossed for my budget and the environment.

hooray for soft cloth diapers in fun colors.
aka... nana/nanie
happy birthday to a brave woman, a magnificant mother, a hilarious lady, and a fun friend.
i love you mom.

i love living with my mom now. she is so non-intrusive and an amazing nanie.
for her birthday, we had her favorite: brownies and ice cream with hot fudge. tomorrow we will have another birthday dinner: homemade burgers and milkshakes.

the amazing sister-in-law
annette renee
annette is a great mom of 2 fabulous boys.
she is also an over achieving school teacher.
we live right down the street from her
and brandon now.
oh, how i enjoy their cute little family.

i leave tonight with a good night story

Once upon a time, Mr. & Mrs. Pruett noticed it was a little too quiet in their living room.
Mrs. Pruett suspiciously went to check on their curious little boy.
He was found under the covers of his bog boy bed reading a book all by himself.
Mrs. Pruett decided to join him for a little story time.
They slept happily ever after.
The end.


Molly Bea said...

hooray! it is about time you joined us in the blog world:) love it!

stephanie said...

shalynn!!! i just added you as a fellow blogger on my own blog page where we will live happily together in blog land. :)
i'm sUpER excited to have insight to your adorable life this way!! and just as excited to see that profile pic of you's SO my favorite.

now to get that beth blogging.

Karen said...

shay! i cant wait to buy your stuff on etsy. its sooo cute. i love that site so much. and your family looks soo beautiful, just perfect. please tell your mom i said hello too! xoxo love, karen