Wednesday, August 13, 2008

backyard fun

the poor boy gets locked inside all day due to obsessed olympic watching parents.
around 6pm, we finally take him into the great outdoors;
these are his discoveries:

his BMW
"how does this thing work?"

the momma's new tennis racquet
since our new neighborhood has tennis courts, Mr. Pruett wants to start playing tennis with me, so i surprised him with some cheapo 
walmart racquets.
the boy loves my new baby blue.
what shall i name the racquet i will use to kick Mr. Pruett's behind?

in other news today, i'd like to introduce my fabulous sisters:
noel christina
jennifer suzanne


aren't my sistas gorgeous? they are my best friends

also introducing:
miss cora belen
mr. cole robert

um...can you say cutest cousins ever? 
i am the world's luckiest aunt.

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Angela said...

It's nice you have a blog. It is fun to really know your personality.