Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Pilot

my life in a nutshell:

the HOTT nerdy husband
Mr. Pruett

married june 1 2005
San Antonio LDS Temple

the BOY
david henry III
aka: KAVI
september 18 2006

the GIRL
paisley noel
may 13 2008

i know, i'm a baby-making machine. there will be plenty more to come, no doubt.
we just moved our family to missouri from texas to finish school.
Mr. Pruett is pursuing computer science, while i am applying to nursing schools.
while my priority is being a mother, i desperately want to be a labor and delivery nurse.
we are very active in our church: the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints.
this is my family.
this is my life.


gail said...

This is a pretty sweet website!!! It looks like you are really happy... I am happy for you! I miss you!!!!

gail said...

That last comment is from Nicole, not Gail... I am on her computer!!!