Saturday, October 10, 2009

another birthday boy

yesterday was mr. pruett's 27th birthday.
he had the day off but we couldn't decide what to do 
with no money.

(i miss his hair like this. a military downfall for sure)

so while we sat around thinking of a plan, i ended up starting a new quilt:) while the mister cleaned out the shed:) :) ahhh, it was like it was my birthday or something!

this new quilt is inspired by our guest/sewing room rug. when the room isn't such a mess, i'll take some better pictures. for now, it's letting my creative juices flow!

but we both did missed this girl all day:(

hopefully today we can get our cabooses up and go to 
the monterey aquarium!


Jessica said...

i am loving that quilt! cant wait to see it done. i LOVE purple and orange right now. orange, alot. got to be the season or something.

stephanie said...

shut your trap...that rug is in my bedroom right now!
dude, we have the same mind.;)

Noel said...

Too cute for words, Shay. Can't wait to see your house!