Sunday, July 19, 2009

i HAVE to write this down

the boy with "tony the turtle"

so we are playing out in the backyard with all of the 
boy's cousins. i notice he has poop in his diaper 
(because he refuses to potty train.)
i tell him we need to go inside to change his poops and 
he puts up a fight.
after a while of going back and forth i finally throw 
my hands up and say..

"fine. do you really want to sit in your own poop? go ahead?!"

the boy nods his head.
i go back to the bench where i was sitting and talk to carlos.
a few minutes later...

"mom! watch me, watch me!"

as he stands at the top of the slide.
he then turns around and slides down the 
slide on his stomach, feet first.
he stands up and screams,

"look mommy, i'm not sitting in my own poop because i slide down on my tummy!

pretty smart kid.

the boy with our first carrot of the summer.


Angela said...

That is hilarious! Ha, Owen refuses as well! Great great story!

Noel said...

This is preciousness!!!

Molly Bea said...

LOVE IT! I can't wait to play with him!
Maybe his big boy cousin will inspire him....who knows!

Lei said...

Boys. Potties. Ugh. Nuff said!

Christina said...

Thanks for the laugh!! Corrinna won't potty train either! And girls are *supposed* to be easy!! She will pee in the toilet but not poop. Sigh. What a hilarious kid you have!! :)