Friday, April 3, 2009

my happy place

i am posting in the happy place.
the boy is running laps around the garden while the girl is crawling around and exploring the grass. our weekend started on thursday... mom has a frozen shoulder so i stayed home from clinicals so she could get drugged up and rest. it's been nice to be a full-time mom again for more than a day at a time. i've cleaned and played and napped and cooked and cleaned some more. sometimes i miss the monotony of daily housewifery. the mister and i got a discounted membership at the YMCA (you know, since we so poh.) i'm teaching him to swim and he's teaching me to run. i'm up to 14 minutes straight! that's a record for this runner-hating swimmer girl. i love working out with david. having a united goal to be healthy feels good.

so, i got way off track here...
back to my other happy place...

fabric, fabric, and more fabric.
i've found some great textiles for some future projects.
i vowed that i can't start anything until my two current quilts are finished.

pears by robert kaufman at joannes

"blues" on sale (1/2 off) at my local quilt shop

"yellows and pinks" also on sale
i'm thinking maybe a quilt for cora or perry?

alexander henry's yellow birdseed.
gorgeous right?


The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

I love the fabric! Where did you find it all at? I really love the blues and the yellow bird! I can't wait to see what you make!


The yellow bird fabric is WONDERFUL!! Your blog is adorable!! (this is Angie Kindred by the way):)

stephanie said...

now you know my secret....i find vintage fabrics i love and make them into my header! :)
i love that we consistently have many of the same loves.

by the way, we did not land ourselves in KC during our missouri trip, but KC came to us (my sister and her husband). we were in the little town of lebanon (which sounds like "lebnin" with a country twang). but i'm thinking a KC trip is in my future for sure and we will most def come see you!
don't you just love the plaza area??? dreamy.

Anne said...

that blue bird toile is one of my favorites that i have used for tons of stuff. i love it!