Friday, April 3, 2009

kids room part uno

since the kids' room is finally getting done (is any room ever really finished) 
pieces by pieces, 
i thought i'd post in increments.


* i purchased this junk dresser at a garage sale when i was pregnant with the boy for $15. it was gross and ugly. a coat of white paint, new knobs, and a smidge of wood glue was love.

*the iron mirror was also purchased a while ago, at hobby lobby for 50% off.

*the lamp is new from urban outfitters (ten dolla-make you-holla!) the shade is from target's shabby chic line. 

*the elephant (piggy) bank is also from target. the boy saw it on the shelf and had to have it! i obliged since it was too darn cute. he's already saving up with "moneys."

*the frame is also re-painted from a garage sale and obviously needs a picture.

cheap is what i do.

as you can tell.

more to come as i finish.


The Kodak Moments of our Life said...

I love inexpensive, cute stuff! I can't wait to see more!

The Mathews Four said...

Wow! That dresser does NOT look refurbished. Great job! I can't wait to see more finished pictures. Girl, you make me laugh!